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As Australia’s specialist international agricultural research for development agency ACIAR’s purpose is to broker and fund research partnerships between Australian scientists and their counterparts in developing countries.

As world leader’s in agricultural research Australian scientists are encouraged and supported to use their skills for the benefit of partner countries while at the same time contributing to solutions to meet Australia’s own agricultural challenges.

The diversity of our own agricultural sector, which extends from the tropics to the arid zone, continues to thrive, while operating in highly variable and challenging climates with minimal external subsidies, suggesting the Australian agricultural sector has valuable knowledge and expertise to share with other countries facing similar challenges, including farmers, rural poor, consumers, researchers and policymakers.

Since 1982 ACIAR has supported research projects in four regions—eastern and southern Africa, east Asia, south and west Asia, and Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. Our research projects focus on crops, agribusiness, horticulture, forestry, livestock, fisheries, water and climate, social sciences, an soil and land management. They deliver specific development outcomes. 

To date ACIAR has commissioned and managed more than 1500 research projects in around 36 countries. More than 150 institutions in partner countries have been involved in collaborative projects with more than 50 Australian research organisations.

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