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Annual and Final Reports

Researchers examine rice fields in Lao PDR

Annual reports are due by 15 July. This change has been made to allow all projects to report on all activities in the previous financial year.

Final Reports cover the entire project period, and should be a stand-alone document covering the project’s total outputs and outcomes. As with Annual Reports, the Executive Summary section is published on this website. The Final Report is also published in full on the ACIAR website.

Using photographs in reports

If you wish to use photographs in your report, please

  • make sure your photographs are relevant to the report, not just decorative
  • caption your photos with subject, names of people in the picture, photographer’s name and date taken.

Project fact sheets

ACIAR often receives requests for more information about our research projects and partnerships, in particular stories of impacts and lives changed. As part of the annual report commencing in 2016, ACIAR will be asking all projects to submit a two page (front and back) fact sheet describing progress, including recently completed activities, plans for the next year and stories of practice change and livelihood impact. We will also be asking you to provide at least three images and accompanying metadata which we can use to promote your work. These fact sheets and images will be part of the public face of your project, helping us to showcase the great work of the research partnership.


All photos should be provided as JPG files. As high resolution as possible.
You can check the dimensions of the file Properties.

Minimum image dimension 2400 pixel x 1800 pixel (8 x 6 inches @ 300dpi).
Bigger is better.

NOTE: A JPG straight out of an average digital camera or smart phone will be around 4300 x 2850 pixels.

TIP: Don’t edit or resize your JPG images, unless you really know what you are doing.
The communications team at ACIAR will edit images if required.

NOTE: A large file size does not always mean an image will be high resolution.

Metadata required

Title: Short descriptive title including the project number.

Description: Brief explanation of what is in the image.
Please include the location and date, ACIAR project and/or program name,
names of people photographed.

Photographer: Full name and organisation if applicable.
Images without a photographers credit will be credited to ACIAR.

How to add metadata to a JPG.
Instructions for Windows based PC. Mac computures have a similar process.

  • Right click on the JPG file
  • Select Properties from the dropdown menu
  • Add a title for the image (this will become the file name)
  • Select the Details tab
  • Add the title, to the section called Title
  • Add image description information to the section called Subject (this will be used for captioning)
  • Add the name of the photographer to the section called Authors

Templates and Guidelines for Final Reports

Final Report Instructions


PDF iconDownload (207.69 KB)

Final Report Template


Microsoft Office document iconDownload (185 KB)

SRA Final Report Template


Microsoft Office document iconDownload (229 KB)

Annual Project Report Template


FileDownload (130.34 KB)