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Launch Funding

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The ACIAR Launch Funding provides support to individuals wishing to participate in a conference, seminar, workshop or field visit that aligns with the agricultural research for development (R4D) priorities of our partner countries. ACIAR also provides support to organisations seeking corporate sponsorship for similar events.

The aim of the ACIAR Launch Funding is to develop the skills and capacity needed to advance agricultural R4D, with a focus on people and organisations with experience in ACIAR-supported projects. Individual applicants and organisations seeking event funding must be able to demonstrate involvement in agricultural R4D and engagement in research and/or development activities within an ACIAR partner country.

ACIAR places a high priority on the dissemination and communication of knowledge gained from the experience offered by conference sponsorship. Applicants need to describe how participation in the event will provide opportunities to promote ACIAR’s work and demonstrate how they will share knowledge gained with colleagues in their partner country. Funding is allocated on a competitive basis against specified criteria, and anyone considering applying (as an individual or an organisation) should contact an ACIAR Research Program Manager (RPM) relevant the theme of the event before submitting a formal application.

Applications open in January and will close on 14 May 2019. The Training Committee will evaluate applications and the successful applicant will be notified by the end of May. All activities will need to commence after 1 July on the application year, and be complete by 30 June the following year.

The criteria for evaluating Launch Funding applications include: 

  • likely development of skills and knowledge to improve international agricultural research 
  • likely development, or maintenance of, research partnerships to improve international agricultural research 
  • alignment with Ten-Year Strategy
  • alignment with Gender Equity Policy and Strategy
  • outreach and communication outcomes for ACIAR