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Commission for International Agricultural Research

Commission for International Agricultural Research

Role and responsibilities of the Commission

Section 9 of the ACIAR Act 1982 establishes that the functions of the Commission are to provide advice to the Minister in relation to the formulation of agricultural research and development programs, the funding of these programs, and, on the Minister’s request, any other matter relating to this Act. The Commission Guidelines provide administrative and practical direction on operations of the Commission, focusing on the key matters and processes to enable the Commission to fulfil its statutory obligations. The Guidelines, in conjunction with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Act 1982 (ACIAR Act) and the ACIAR Statements of Expectations and Intent, provide a complete guide to the operating and governance framework in which ACIAR bodies function.

Commission meetings

To fulfil its role, the Council meets a minimum of four times each financial year. 

Commission membership

The Commission consists of a Chair and five other Commissioners.

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