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Our Research Partnerships

ACIAR’s core business is to identify research priorities collaboratively with partner countries, commission research and broker research partnerships to tackle those priorities, and then manage and monitor these investments throughout the research process to maximise impact and return on investment.

Since its inception in 1982, ACIAR has evolved three research partnership models: bilateral country partnerships; multilateral research collaborations; and co-investment with research and development partners. Each model has its own procurement pathway, governance framework, quality assurance and risk management. It is timely to articulate and distinguish these partnership models more clearly in order to:

»» determine the most appropriate model for emerging research challenges and opportunities

»» ensure that business processes and systems support each model professionally and efficiently

»» guide the governance required for each type of investment ensure that procurement processes adequately test research proposals against criteria of value for money, contestability and competitive neutrality.

Bilateral country partnerships

Multilateral research collaborations

Co-investment partners