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The Good Cooks

A brand new cooking show unlike any cooking show you’ve ever seen before

In an innovative new series on SBS Food Network, six Aussie chefs travel to remote parts of the world to learn how Australian Government agency, ACIAR, is improving food security in the developing world, and to learn how to cook like the locals.

In Mozambique, Australian scientific know-how is helping build effective irrigation; in the Philippines, it’s protecting the Giant Grouper; in West Timor, it’s pioneering an Australian acacia as cattle feed; in Tanzania, it’s vaccinating village chickens; and in Fiji, it’s developing export-quality tropical fruits.

The Australian Government’s Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), is at the heart of all these projects, bringing together teams of scientists to work with locals to solve issues that threaten food security and trap communities in poverty.

In each ‘The Good Cooks’ episode, a different Aussie chef visits a different project to learn about ACIAR’s work and to learn how to cook like a local.

Mark Olive prepares chicken the Tanzanian way in a makeshift kitchen under a giant boab tree. Rebecca Sullivan makes rendang in a remote Indonesian village and Dan Churchill learns how to cook the local rice paddy snake in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

‘The Good Cooks’ is a unique TV recipe: part cooking, show part travel show and part the story of how Australian overseas aid is making a difference in the developing world.


The Good Cooks on SBS Food Network, Thursdays 8.30pm from 8 November