How does the world grow more nutritious food with less land and fewer resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

It is one of the biggest challenges facing the planet.



We must continually innovate how we produce our food to ensure the highest level of food security into the future.

Australia is a world-leader in agricultural innovation, with our farmers prospering on the Earth’s driest continent with poor soils and a highly variable climate. Our ability to grow food is a national strength.  

Investing in agricultural innovation

ACIAR is an integral part of Australia’s innovation system, investing in research that provides scientists with the opportunity to apply Australia’s innovative spirit in solving real-world problems. The resulting research has generated billions of dollars in value for agricultural industries in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific, with countless innovations flowing from ACIAR investment, including:.

Investing in Australia’s research capacity

Food security

Improving food security and reducing poverty among smallholder farmers and rural communities

Natural resources and climate

Managing natural resources and producing food more sustainably, adapting to climate variability and mitigating climate change

Human health and nutrition

Enhancing human nutrition and reducing risks to human health

Gender equity

Improving gender equity and empowerment of women and girls

Inclusive value chains

Fostering more inclusive agrifood and forestry market chains, engaging the private sector where possible

Capacity building

Building scientific and policy capability within our partner countries

Now more than ever, ACIAR is committed to partnering with scientists and research institutions to improve and protect food security across our region and to ensure Australia remains a leader in agricultural innovation.