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Our support to Myanmar focuses on inclusive economic growth in partnership with the agricultural development goals of the Government of Myanmar, including agribusiness, crops, fisheries, livestock systems, social sciences and soil and land management.

The ACIAR country strategy for Myanmar is aligned to Australia's long-standing bilateral relationship, which dates back to 1952. As agriculture is the leading employer in the economy, our role in research-for-development is filled with opportunity, potential for supporting broader reforms.

Country priorities

  • Increasing net production of food and cash incomes of rural households in the Central Dry Zone and Ayeyarwady Delta, through improvements in, and adoption of, production and post-harvest technologies in agriculture, including livestock and fisheries.
  • Building capacity in agricultural, livestock and fisheries research, development and evaluation through program activities and postgraduate and short-term training.
  • Providing technical assistance and advice on policy strengthening to relevant Government of Myanmar departments.