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The John Allwright Fellowship scheme: survey report 2008


Capacity-building activities are widely acknowledged for their contribution to economic and social development. The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) scheme, which aims to provide enhancement of the research capabilities of partner-country institutions through postgraduate training of partner-country scientists, is one of ACIAR’s key capacitybuilding activities. During 2007–08 A$5.3 million, including co-investment from AusAID, was expended on the JAF scheme, representing 8% of ACIAR’s total budget. To ensure the effectiveness of the current scheme and determine program strengths and weaknesses, a survey was carried out of those fellows who have successfully completed their postgraduate qualifications and returned to their home countries. The results of the current survey are presented in this report. The JAF scheme continues to be at the core of ACIAR’s operations, and the results from this survey will be used to ensure its ongoing improvement.