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Overview Developing and testing inclusive institutional arrangements and supporting a targeted public information campaign to restore artesian pressure in the Central Dry Zone (CDZ) of Myanmar as...
Overview This project aims to facilitate opportunities for equitable and effective agricultural development for Solomon Islands female smallholder farmers and their families.
Overview This project is adapting and applying the gender-inclusive Family Farm Teams model for institutions (churches) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to empower women and youth in agriculture.
Overview The project ultimately aims to develop research methods than can be used to determine the overall effectiveness of the fish pass facilities.
Overview This project aims to inform and improve the future of food systems in the EGP region and to strengthen local capacities for scenario-based foresight exercises through training, mentoring and...
Overview This project is enhancing smallholder livelihoods and economic development across South East Asia by addressing the rapidly evolving cassava disease constraints affecting farmers in the...
Overview This project aims to deliver new genotypes of common bean with 30% shorter cooking time, 15% higher iron and 10% higher zinc content than current varieties, and to train African plant...
Overview This project is analysing Pacific agri-food systems to promote healthier, more diverse diets for people. The Pacific food system is failing to provide the people of the region with...
Overview This project aims to enhance income-generating opportunities for goat raising households in Lao PDR through the development of productive, environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable...