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Monday 1 October 2018
In Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) province of Indonesia, previous ACIAR-funded research proved on a pilot scale that cattle numbers, beef production and returns to smallholder producers can be...
Monday 1 January 2018
This project aims to use community management of agricultural landscapes to increase or protect environmental livelihoods from climate change. South Pacific islands are vulnerable to climate change...
Monday 13 November 2017
This project aims to reduce the knowledge and information gap on the inputs, performance, and outcomes of agricultural research systems in South East Asia and the Pacific and to build a solid...
Sunday 1 October 2017
This project aims to develop and evaluate market-based approaches to improving food safety, with the overall aim of reducing the burden of foodborne disease in informal, emerging formal, and niche...
Sunday 1 October 2017
This project aims to increase returns to labour, particularly for women, through adopting new technologies and farming practices that improve coffee quality and total production while complying with...
Sunday 1 October 2017
This project aims to improve rural livelihoods in Papua New Guinea through family-focused community reforestation and ecoforestry.
Wednesday 27 September 2017
This small research and development activity (SRA) aims to determine how best to sustain the conservation and use of coconut genetic diversity for the Asia-Pacific Region and globally.
Wednesday 6 September 2017
This project aims to improve the wellbeing of Pacific coastal communities through more productive and resilient fisheries and better food and nutrition security. It is part of the Pacific Community's...
Saturday 1 July 2017
The project aims to evaluate the consequences of past ACIAR-funded translocations of trochus to Samoa and enable maximum benefits from the fishery.
Saturday 1 July 2017
In February of 2016, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) scientists notified the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) that wheat blast (WB) - a deadly disease never before seen in Asia - had...
Saturday 1 July 2017
This project aims to improve productivity and profitability of rice-fish systems in Myanmar, with a focus on favourable agro-ecological zones in the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) delta.
Monday 26 June 2017
This project aims to help conserve and domesticate native sandalwood (Santalum yasi) in Fiji and Tonga, and develop a sustainable planted sandalwood industry.