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Sunday 1 January 2017
This project surveys approaches to agricultural extension ('practice change') and new ideas about improved ways forward. It will review recent evolutions in agricultural extension around the world,...
Sunday 1 January 2017
This project aims to improve the income of smallholder cattle producers in Northwest Vietnam, one of the poorest regions in the country, through intensifying beef cattle production and increasing...
Friday 16 December 2016
This project provides communication research support to ACIAR project LPS/2008/054: 'Improving cattle fattening systems based on forage tree legume diets in Eastern Indonesia and Northern Australia...
Thursday 15 December 2016
The project will investigate whether Myanmar's cropping systems can include diversified crops (such as sorghum, millet and wheat), and how to manage nutrients including fertilisers. It will do so in...
Thursday 1 December 2016
This project aims to help farmers likely to be affected by saline intrusion to diversify their crops.
Monday 28 November 2016
This project aims to help smallholder farmers adopt sustainable solutions to the major crop protection threats to sweetpotato.
Tuesday 22 November 2016
This SRA aims to evaluate the effect of adopting of ACIAR interventions in cocoa in Vanuatu. It will: 1. Investigate whether ACIAR project interventions training in pruning, black pod management, and...
Wednesday 16 November 2016
This project aims to develop a network of Vietnamese nutritionists and veterinarians skilled in applying and monitoring feeding strategies for high genetic merit dairy cows. This project supports the...
Wednesday 16 November 2016
This project aims to sustainably reduce poverty, especially of women, in the Eastern Gangetic Plains of Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The Eastern Gangetic Plains could become a major contributor to...
Friday 4 November 2016
This Small Research Activity will assess the opportunities and constraints for more efficient and more market-focussed small ruminant production in the Pacific.
Tuesday 1 November 2016
This project aims to enhance the production and profitability of pulses in cropping systems in Pakistan and reverse the decline in legume production.
Tuesday 25 October 2016
This study aims to identify consistent and transparent price/quality relationships in fodder markets that will give buyers better information about livestock performance outcomes and encourage crop...