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Friday 14 October 2016
This Small Research Activity will investigate whether a large pig / maize farming project can be developed in northwest Vietnam, adding another dimension to ACIAR's investment into maize-based...
Monday 3 October 2016
This project aims to improve soil management in Papua New Guinean smallholdings with crop diversification, by evaluating how nutrient management strategies affect cocoa. Cocoa is Papua New Guinea's...
Saturday 1 October 2016
This project aims to study the factors that explain Papua New Guinean women's low level of engagement in small-scale agricultural enterprises; identify the processes and pathways that help them move...
Saturday 1 October 2016
This project will help farmers in Timor-Leste to change from subsistence onto income-generating farming. It will improve agricultural productivity and profitability in pilot communities by...
Saturday 1 October 2016
This Small Research Activity aims to measure and describe the status and history of weevil infestation of galip (canarium indicum) trees in Papua New Guinea, and identify further research needs.
Saturday 1 October 2016
This project will identify how sustainable agriculture enables climate-resilient livelihood systems in multifunctional landscapes of the South Pacific. It will research how participatory processes...
Saturday 1 October 2016
is project aims to help farmers manage irrigation better on small- and middle-sized irrigated farms.
Wednesday 21 September 2016
This SRA will deploy a baseline disease diagnostics survey in Vietnam and Cambodia, to assess the geographical spread, local incidence and severity of SLCMD, a Sri Lankan strain of cassava mosaic...
Monday 19 September 2016
Several small research and development activities (SRAs) have proven that Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) can improve the efficiency, consistency and value of data collection and project monitoring of...
Thursday 15 September 2016
This Small Research and Development Activity aims to provide and evaluate direct support to the four core projects partnering in MAD 2 to ensure a healthy and sustainable deployment of CommCare,...
Friday 9 September 2016
This project aims to provide policy-makers with evidence-based economic analysis and advice so they can reduce constraints to pulses production and trade, and increase productivity in Pakistan.
Friday 2 September 2016
This project will identify how to make supply chains, infrastructure investments and regulatory changes more efficient to reduce transport costs for producers in Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.