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Sunday 24 August 2008
Final report for FIS/1992/017.
Sunday 31 August 2008
Goats are an important source of income for smallholders in the Philippines and were shown to be sustaining significant losses from internal parasites. In collaboration with Philippine and...
Thursday 23 January 2003
As most economies develop there is an important trend to specialisation in the production of most activities
Saturday 31 December 1994
Mycorrhizal associations are an integral part of natural and managed forests
Saturday 31 December 1988
OUT OF STOCK These are the proceedings of a conference held to assess the need for economic research into increasing fisheries productivity for island nations in the South Pacific region
Thursday 23 July 1998
Fruit flies are a serious economic pest affecting horticultural production world-wide
Wednesday 31 December 1997
SCUAF is a computer model which predicts the effects on soils of specific land use systems under given environmental conditions.
Thursday 17 June 1993
The publication of Biological Control: Pacific Prospects in 1987 and supplement 1 in 1989 has generated a new drive for biological control in the south and west pacific
Sunday 27 November 1994
This publication is a record of a seminar conducted by the Crawford Fund for International Agricultural Research at Parliament House Canberra, May 17 1994.
Tuesday 10 June 1997
Saline agriculture is a rich collection of possible systems for the use of saline land, involving combinations of salt-tolerant trees, shrubs and crops
Tuesday 31 December 1991
Much of sub-Saharan Africa is semi-arid and the burgeoning population depends heavily on small-scale dryland agriculture.
Thursday 23 January 2003
This project was designed to provide preliminary information about the cultural, social, political and economic context of livestock disease in Indonesia, and to determine the likely effect on the...