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Overview  This project is developing, testing and promoting the adoption of sustainable solutions to protect sweetpotato crop production in Papua New Guinea.  Sweetpotato is PNG’s major staple food...
Overview  This project will be enhancing the production and profitability of legumes in the existing cropping systems in Pakistan so that the decline in legume production can be reversed. 
Overview This project describes a strategy for an extended partnership between Laos, Vietnam and Australia for research on goat production and marketing.
Overview ​This project aimed to improve soil management in Papua New Guinean smallholdings with crop diversification, evaluating how nutrient management strategies affect cocoa. Cocoa is Papua New...
Overview This project aimed to help farmers manage irrigation better on small- and middle-sized irrigated farms.
Overview Pakistan’s population of over 180 million relies heavily on agriculture, which contributes 21 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and more than 40 percent of its employment....
Overview This project will improve agricultural productivity and profitability in Timor-Leste by addressing technical and social impediments to annual crop intensification, and by establishing forage...
Overview This project is developing new knowledge of the factors behind women’s low level of engagement in small-scale agricultural enterprises; identifying the processes and pathways that facilitate...
Overview Several small research and development activities (SRAs) have proven that Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) can improve the efficiency, consistency and value of data collection and project...
Overview This Small Research and Development Activity aimed to provide and evaluate direct support to the four core projects partnering in MAD 2 to ensure a healthy and sustainable deployment of...
Overview This project aimed to provide policy-makers with evidence-based economic analysis and advice so they can reduce constraints to pulses production and trade, and increase productivity in...