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Overview This project focussed on irrigation in Bihar and Assam, east India, and Sindh and Punjab provinces, Pakistan. It aimed to improve how policy makers and irrigation officials implemented...
Overview This project is systematically reducing vulnerability to stripe rust of wheat in South Asia and eastern Africa by establishing, equipping and mobilising a collaborative network of key cereal...
Overview  This project is transforming and modernising the Indonesian seaweed industry by taking a whole-of-value-chain approach. Indonesia is the world’s second-largest seaweed producer, and seaweed...
Overview A project in 2015 investigated limitations and strengths of commercially available digital applications that projects use to collect data and for monitoring and evaluation (GMCP/2015/016 - '...
Overview This project is aiming to increase milk supply (quantity and quality) by 25% and net-household incomes for at least 3,000 dairy producers in West Java and North Sumatra, Indonesia by 2020. ...
Overview The aim of this project was to re-establish research infrastructure at pearl farms and spat collecting communities in Fiji to help re-establish oyster supply to the industry.
Overview  This project is identifying how commercial forestry can increase the incomes of smallholders and scaling out the broader benefits of commercial forestry to local communities and industries. 
Overview  This project is improving the livelihoods of smallholder livestock farmers in the cropping and agro-pastoral areas of the central region by increasing dairy and sheep meat production. 
Overview This project aimed to develop land evaluation methods and capacity to improve planning of agricultural development for productive and resilient landscapes in Myanmar's Central Dry Zone at...