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Saturday 1 January 2011
Livestock production is the predominant industry in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China, with in excess of 20 million animals (yaks, cattle, horses, sheep and goats) raised under various pro
Tuesday 1 January 2008
Management of animal and animal product movement is an essential component of control programs for trans-boundary animal diseases (TAD).
Tuesday 1 May 2012
Mangoes are now Cambodia's second most important fruit crop after coconuts.
Saturday 1 November 2008
Mangosteen and mango are two important economic fruit crops for Indonesia with a strong domestic and export demand.
Friday 1 November 2013
Many catchments in Fiji and Vanuatu have severely degraded and become unproductive, largely due to deforestation, abandonment of cropping land, and crop cultivation on steeply sloping land.
Wednesday 1 July 2009
Mitigation of the threat posed by two diseases of bananas - namely fusarium wilt (caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.
Saturday 1 January 2011
Numerous communities in Papua New Guinea are dependent on the coastline marine resources for the livelihoods of their families.
Friday 1 January 2010
Oil palm is the most important crop in PNG in terms of export income (over K1,000 million in 2008), directly supporting approximately 18,600 registered smallholder families and an estimated 200,000
Thursday 1 May 2008
Papua New Guinea, like many Pacific island countries and territories, is experiencing shortfalls in available veterinary and animal health auxiliary personnel.
Sunday 15 December 2013
Potatoes are a priority crop targeted for development by the Indonesian government.
Wednesday 1 June 2011
Prospects for cattle export from Timor-Leste are promising, due to the rapid and steady increase of beef imports into Indonesia.
Friday 1 June 2012
Rabies continues to spread through eastern Indonesia and is now <500 km from northern Australia.