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Overview  This project is fostering enterprise-driven transformation and increased production and profitability of smallholder cocoa in East Sepik, Madang, New Ireland and Chimbu Provinces of PNG. 
Overview  This project is improving the profitability of lowland, predominantly rice-based farming systems in Cambodia and Laos by conducting research that leads to increased resilience of crop and...
Overview  Communities along Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) vast coastline, dependent on marine resources for their livelihoods, will benefit from this targeted mariculture project.
Overview This project aimed to promote more socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh, with an emphasis on water.
Overview  This project is sustainably increasing the contribution of the sweetpotato crop to cash income and food security, via transformative improvements in selected sweetpotato value chains. 
Overview  This project is providing farmers with a range of nutrient supply options to underpin the sustainable intensification of the PNG Highland sweetpotato cropping system.  Papua New Guinea’s (...
Overview  This project is increasing the income of smallholder crop-livestock farmers and market chain operators in Timor Leste through more efficient, commercially-oriented cattle production and...
Overview  This project is improving the profitability and vitality of smallholder cocoa farming families and communities in Bougainville. 
Overview  This project is increasing the incomes and strengthening local food security of small-scale farmers and their families in central Myanmar through improved fertiliser use and associated crop...
Overview  Declining capture fisheries in Laos and Myanmar will be rehabilitated by a project facilitating greater adoption of fishway technology. 
Overview  This project is increasing the economic and disaster resilience of selected tropical fruit value chains in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. 
Overview This project is building a network that will attract new members and investors in mungbean research, and continue beyond the timeframe of the project.