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Thursday 30 June 1994
This report is the result of a workshop held in Melbourne in March 1994, which aimed to define research and development priorities for faba beans at a regional, national and international level
Tuesday 3 January 1995
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the issues involved in controlling livestock diseases through selective breeding
Wednesday 23 October 2002
This report sets out some broad ideas about how poverty evaluation could be conducted for ACIAR research projects
Thursday 21 April 1988
Giant clams have been over exploited throughout much of their geographic range, and in certain areas some species are now extinct
Monday 31 December 2001
The tools presented in this book will be valuable for anybody who needs to collect reliable information about aquatic diseases or production
Thursday 22 October 1987
Roots crops are a staple food throughout the world's tropical regions
Thursday 23 January 2003
During the past seven to eight years ACIAR has been developing an institutional Information System to support decision-making at various levels within the Centre
Thursday 23 July 1998
An evaluation and economic assessment of an ACIAR project aimed at improving economic knowledge of the Chinese wool industry.
Thursday 23 January 2003
While ACIAR has invested heavily in scientific biological research in agriculture, interest has evolved in other areas of disipline such as in agricultural policy
Thursday 23 January 2003
This small study follows from an earlier study (Mauldon 1998) that examined the external reviews of 111 ACIAR-sponsored large bilateral projects completed between 1990 and 1997
Monday 31 December 1990
These seminar proceedings report the results of ACIAR sponsored research which commenced in 1985
Friday 31 December 1999
Conventional breeding has led to the improvement of some peanut traits such as seed yield and drought tolerance