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Overview This project aimed to develop profitable aquaculture systems, focusing on tilapia, freshwater prawns and sea cucumber. These systems improved the value of aquaculture production, nutrition...
Overview This project provided the technological basis for diversification and revitalisation of seaweed industries in the Pacific island countries of Fiji, Kiribati and Samoa.
Overview This project focused on interaction between people and forests and investigated how forest can sustain livelihoods and improve food security.
This project aimed to improve the capacity of Lao and Cambodian crop protection and plant quarantine staff in plant disease diagnosis and plant biosecurity.
Overview This project aimed to build capacity in Cambodian mango tree crop research, in varietal selection, crop growth management, pest and disease management, postharvest handling, and supply chain...
Overview This project aimed to make water use more efficient and to increase wheat yield in the rain-fed and minimally irrigated zones of India and Australia. The researchers were searching for new...
Overview This project to improve smallholder livelihoods in the upland regions of northern Laos will enable the better understanding of the economic, social and environmental benefits of teak-based...
Overview This project aimed to increase hatchery-based bivalve mollusc production in Vietnam and Australia and expand opportunities for coastal communities to rear molluscs.
Overview This project aimed to improve the livelihoods of small-scale livestock producers in Myanmar's Central Dry Zone by enhancing management, nutrition and health of small ruminants, indigenous...
Overview This project aimed to improve nutrition, employment and income opportunities for vegetable growers and their families in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania's peri-urban areas, the...
Overview This project aimed to make irrigation in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe more productive to enhance food security.
Overview  This project is about understanding the mechanisms, processes and functionality of rice-shrimp farming systems in Vietnam's Mekong Delta through rigorous scientific investigations to...