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Overview This project aimed to improve the income of fishers in Kiribati, Tonga and Fiji through improving the quality of post-harvest processing.
Overview This project aimed to develop and nurture the structures, processes and capacity necessary to manage community-based fisheries in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Overview This project aimed to develop and monitor policy and design institutional arrangements at the national, provincial and local levels to effectively implement REDD+, and equitably distribute...
Overview This project aimed to provide a sustainable basis for continued development of cultured pearl industries in Fiji and Tonga and to determine the feasibility of half-pearl culture in Papua New...
Overview This project aimed to enhance the capacity of household agroforestry systems and community forests to generate livelihoods and food security in the mid-hills region of Nepal.
Overview The Pakistani province of Punjab has predominantly a semi-arid climate where average temperatures rise above 40C during the summer. Vegetable production can be severely limited by periods of...
Overview This project aimed to accelerate delivery of two-wheel tractor-based technologies to smallholder farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa, and help them adopt the technology. This improved...
Overview This project aimed to develop commercial-scale hatchery and grow-out technologies for sandfish, recognising that adapting systems to participating communities' social, institutional and bio-...
Overview This project focused on crops, production systems and issues that constrained production of vegetables in the Philippines and Australia.
Overview This project aimed to develop and improve integrated timber and non-timber forest production systems in Indonesia, enhance value chains and marketing strategies, improve policy frameworks,...
Overview The project aimed to encourage investment in planted timber resources in Vanuatu through better management and use of whitewood-based plantation and agroforestry systems.