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Overview  This project is reducing postharvest product and quality losses, and developing physical facilities and research skills for postharvest advancement in the Southern Philippines.  Vegetable...
Overview This project compared the benefits of a Partial Seed Scheme with other approaches, including the use of Indonesian government certified seed, private seed production and aeroponics-based...
Overview This project aimed to develop improved wheat varieties for India and Australia using molecular technologies. Modern wheat breeding is changing rapidly. Scientists can use molecular markers...
Overview This project aimed to grow and develop Indonesia's fresh fruit and vegetable value chains, focusing on ways that smallholders and rural communities could participate and benefit more fully.
Overview This project aimed to improve food and nutrition security, productivity and resilience of fisheries systems and community livelihoods in coastal Timor-Leste.
Overview Sharks and rays are Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) 5th most important export fishery, but there was very little data available on sharks and rays in PNG waters.
Overview This project aimed to develop policies that benefit smallholders in the Punjab and Sindh provinces, Pakistan. Broad-based and effectively implemented policies are needed to improve the...
Overview This project is developing an improved ‘model’ for agricultural extension in conflict areas of Mindanao.  Farming households within conflict-vulnerable areas of Mindanao face many challenges...
Overview This project aimed to develop profitable aquaculture systems, focusing on tilapia, freshwater prawns and sea cucumber. These systems improved the value of aquaculture production, nutrition...
Overview This project provided the technological basis for diversification and revitalisation of seaweed industries in the Pacific island countries of Fiji, Kiribati and Samoa.
Overview This project focused on interaction between people and forests and investigated how forest can sustain livelihoods and improve food security.