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Overview Canarium indicum is an indigenous tree throughout the South Pacific, producing edible nuts as well as timber. The nuts are little known in international markets, but there is strong domestic...
Overview This project aimed to provide a sustainable basis for development of a mariculture sector in Papua New Guinea and to build capacity within country partner organisations to support this...
Overview While Asia accounts for most of the world's bivalve aquaculture production, Vietnam, despite its rich coastal resources, produced just 190,000 tonnes in 2005. There is substantial...
Overview This project aimed to provide Bhutan with a clean healthy source of citrus germplasm so it could produce grafted trees for its citrus industry.
Overview This project aimed to assess whether culture methods developed for black-lip pearl oysters in the Pacific could be used in Tanzania, to establish methods for supplying pearl oyster juveniles...
Overview This project aimed to increase householder income and improve the nutrition in Cambodian rural communities through culture-based fisheries.
Overview ACIAR has invested extensively in research to increase production from inland aquaculture in Papua New Guinea, where it is seen as holding promise to increase food and income security. This...
Overview This project aimed to rehabilitate critical watersheds in the Philippines.
Overview This project supported the development of a market chain that encouraged smallholders in south-east Cambodia (85% of whom currently own cattle) to access the Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and...