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Overview This project increased catchment productivity, made dryland areas more productive, and improved rural people's livelihoods. Investment in soil and water conservation and associated...
Overview This project aimed to increase agricultural production, improve household food security, alleviate poverty and thereby reduce food-aid dependency in rural Zimbabwe through better integrated...
Overview This project studied how socioeconomic factors (including gender), changes in farming systems, climate variability and policies influenced production risks and whether smallholder farmers in...
Overview The PigRISK project aimed to improve the livelihoods of smallholder pig farmers in Vietnam and improve food safety in the pork value chain.
Content This project aimed to improve Indonesia's capacity to assess and manage its tuna fisheries by addressing information gaps. The study species were yellowfin and bigeye tunas. This will help...
Overview This project aimed to use a whole-of-chain approach to initiate a shift in East Timor smallholder beef farming practices.
Overview This project aimed to develop and accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture for selected soils, crops and cropping systems in Bangladesh, especially in rain fed areas and those...
Overview This project aimed to train women smallholder vegetable producers in Central Province, East New Britain and the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea and help them to develop businesses.
Overview This project aimed to make the value chain of planted wood in the Lao PDR more efficient. This improved both the international competitiveness of Lao wood industries and the livelihoods of...
Overview Canarium indicum is an indigenous tree throughout the South Pacific, producing edible nuts as well as timber. The nuts are little known in international markets, but there is strong domestic...