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Overview The aim of this project was to increase smallholder engagement in competitive value chains associated with two farming systems, one based around maize and the other temperate fruit.
Overview Three previous ACIAR projects have focused on nutrition of important aquaculture species. This new project profited from the results of the earlier projects and combined research efforts...
Overview This project built on a substantial body of work in Vietnam in the breeding of acacia species and hybrids, which enhanced the production of high-value germplasm required to meet the...
Overview Mangosteen and mango are two important economic fruit crops for Indonesia with a strong domestic and export demand. But there has been a lack of successful international market penetration...
Overview This project aimed to increase the yield and resilience of farmers' dry season sorghum crop.
Overview In Bangladesh the rise in demand for maize - as human food and from the poultry and fish industries - has led to a trend away from traditional rice-rice and rice-wheat cropping systems and...