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Thursday 2 January 1992
In 1985 a program for the improvement of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (Lam) L) was funded by ACIAR
Thursday 23 December 1999
An economic evaluation of three ACIAR projects whose primary objective was to improve postharvest grain drying in Thailand and Australia is provided in this report
Thursday 23 July 1998
The successful introduction of a biological control agent has prevented losses to bananas in PNG and also protected the Australian industry.
Friday 29 November 1996
Rapid population growth in Africa together with low inputs of soil nutrients and intensive cropping have resulted in a gradual decline in per capita production of food grains
Thursday 23 July 1998
The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project ANREI/90/20 assisted in the establishment of a number of protected areas in Vanuatu by improving information flows and by...
Sunday 31 December 1995
High levels of mycotoxin are hazardous to human and animal health
Sunday 1 January 1995
This manual is the result of an ACIAR-sponsored workshop to promote the use of mycorrhizal fungi for eucalypt plantation forestry in China
Thursday 23 January 2003
There is strong evidence that agricultural research is an important source of growth in agriculture, resulting in economic and environmental benefits
Tuesday 23 January 2001
Damage from shoot borers of the genus Hypsipyla Ragonot present the greatest deterrent to the establishment and cultivation of the high value timber species belonging to the family Meliaceae,...
Wednesday 29 December 1993
This book is an extensive revision and enlargement of 'Multipurpose Australian trees and shrubs: Lesser-known species for fuelwood and agroforestry', which ACIAR published in 1986
Saturday 31 December 1994
OUT OF STOCK These proceedings provide an update on progress with research on multipurpose trees in general and leucaena in particular. They include details on priorities for future research and the...
Sunday 31 December 1995
Estimates given in 1987-88 place sugar as the fourteenth most important crop in developing countries with a gross value of production of over US$7 billion