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Sunday 31 December 1995
Wheat in subtropical Asia is a potential minor crop although consistently high yields have not yet been achieved.
Tuesday 25 January 2000
This publication in both English and Spanish contains information on the most important pest species in Chile
Friday 23 July 1999
This study is an ex-post, economic assessment of two projects supported by ACIAR and concerned with the breeding and quality analysis of rapeseed in Australia and China
Wednesday 4 January 1995
ACIAR funded this survey in 1993 and 1994 to gather as much information as possible about the subsistence fishery in Fiji
Tuesday 31 December 1991
OUT OF STOCK Newcastle disease (ND) is a widespread and important cause of loss in productivity of village poultry.
Friday 3 January 1992
This report presents original information on the composition of 136 species of plants known to be fed to village ruminants, mostly in West Java
Wednesday 31 December 1986
OUT OF STOCK Food legumes are grown throughout Asia for human and animal nutrition
Friday 1 July 1994
Twenty-nine species of rodents have been identified as having economic importance in Southeast Asia
Thursday 23 January 2003
Rodents are a major agricultural pest across much of Southeast Asia
Monday 1 January 1996
This monograph presents selected papers from a workshop held in Beijing in October 1995
Saturday 2 July 1994
Styrax tonkinensis is a fast growing tropical species that occurs naturally in the forests of northern Laos and Vietnam, but is also cultivated in plantations
Friday 31 December 1993
These proceedings arose from a workshop held in conjunction with the final review of the ACIAR coconut improvement project