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Thursday 23 January 2003
In this paper, the dual approach to ex ante research evaluation in a multiple-input, multiplt-output industry is explained and demonstrated
Friday 1 January 1999
This technical report contains abstracts from an international conference on rodent biology and management held in Beijing in 1998.
Tuesday 21 February 1989
This is a joint publication of ACIAR and the International Board for Soil Research and Management (IBSRAM)
Tuesday 31 December 1996
This technical report documents what may become something of a watershed in terms of the field investigation of soil erosion and soil conservation in biophysical terms
Thursday 7 January 1999
The recognition of symptoms on leaves and stems which result from nutritional disorders is a powerful tool in determining nutritional constraints to the growth of trees, especially when little other...
Saturday 31 December 1994
There are already instances of successful introduction of ruminants into Southeast Asia's rubber, oil palm and coconut plantations, in ways that enable more intensive use of these areas
Friday 31 December 1999
Tannins are one of the most common secondary products found in plants species, and represent one of the greatest hurdles to effective utilisation of forages by grazing livestock
Sunday 31 December 1995
Groundwater contamination has been linked to intensive agriculture in many industrialised countries in temperate regions
Thursday 31 December 1998
Shrimp farming expanded rapidly in Thailand and other countries in Asia in the early 1990s, but productivity plateaued and then went into decline
Saturday 18 February 1989
This report contains a description of an ACIAR supported project concerned with the postharvest transport of fresh fruit and vegetables in Papua New Guinea that has demonstrated how fresh produce can...
Thursday 23 January 2003
This paper describes the projected net economic impact of a collaborative research project on the replacements for methyl bromide in timber for quarantine purposes (ACIAR PN 9406) proposed by CSIRO...
Sunday 31 December 1995
Sustainable crop production is dependent on good nutrient management.