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Saturday 31 December 1994
OUT OF PRINT: 2nd (revised) edition published as ACIAR Monograph 74.
Thursday 23 January 2003
The albumen quality of duck and hen eggs declines very rapidly when eggs are stored at ambient temperature especially in hot climates
Thursday 23 January 2003
This report was commissioned as part of ACIAR's response to an audit review of its Multi-lateral Sub-program which recommended that it implement evaluations of completed Special Purpose and...
Thursday 23 January 2003
ACIAR Project 8911, 'Mineral Elements Limiting Sheep Production in China', addresses the issue that inadequate supplies of essential minerals to grazing sheep in northern China have a significant...
Thursday 23 January 2003
This proceedings puts on record the papers and posters which were presented and the discussions which were held at the international workshop which marked the completion of the Forages for...
Thursday 23 December 1999
An ACIAR-supported project 'Integrating Grain Protectants into Storage Pest Management' was based in China and Australia.
Thursday 31 December 1992
Bacterial wilt is primarily of importance in the tropics and subtropics
Saturday 9 January 1999
This is a record of a seminar conducted by the Crawford Fund for International Agricultural research, Parliament House, Canberra, 24 November 1999
Thursday 23 January 2003
The motivation for writing this paper is well expressed in the following words of Pearce and Warford (1993, p 3): 'Most people are now painfully aware that pursuing economic growth without paying...
Wednesday 3 January 2001
This publication provides ready access to a summary of information on the natural enemies that have been liberated for classical biological control of anthropods in Australia up to 2000, including...
Friday 31 December 1993
ACIAR has supported collaborative forestry research between China and Australia since 1985
Thursday 17 May 2001
This manual aims to assist trainers to enable farmers to become successful community vaccinators against ND