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Overview  Establishing and validating a practical and economically viable system that will enable smallholders in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan to harvest mungbean mechanically. High labour costs...
Overview  This project is addressing the threat to wheat production caused by wheat blast in Bangladesh and South Asia by deploying resistant wheat varieties.  With over 160 million people,...
Overview The project aimed to evaluate the consequences of past ACIAR-funded translocations of trochus to Samoa and enable maximum benefits from the fishery.
Overview  This project is improving productivity and profitability of rice-fish systems in Myanmar. 
Overview  This project is establishing the foundation for conservation and domestication of native sandalwood (S. yasi) in Fiji and Tonga to support the development of a sustainable industry. 
Overview This small research and development activity (SRA) aimed to understand how smallholder farmers in Mozambique respond to closer links to markets.
Overview This project aims to improve farmer livelihoods, equity and community management in smallholder irrigation schemes in southern Africa.
Overview This project is identifying and understanding how agribusiness development opportunities can contribute to improved economic growth and livelihoods in the Pacific.  A flourishing...
Overview  This project is advancing the Vanuatu planted forestry sector by improving the availability of new and existing technologies and facilitating wider smallholder adoption of three high-value...
Overview This Small Research Activity aimed to optimise the embryo culture methods needed to move the Pacific Regional Coconut Gene Bank from Madang to far eastern Papua New Guinea and to set up a...