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Water and Climate

The program is about managing overuse of the world’s water resources and adapting and mitigating climate change effects for family
Ground water tap

The Water and Climate program aims to contribute to economic development by enhancing long-term productivity, management and conservation of land and water resources in developing countries and Australia.

It concentrates on increasing water productivity through innovative technical interventions, applied at scales ranging from farm to irrigation scheme or catchment level, and through water policy interventions.  

ACIAR’s program operates at multiple scales; farm, watershed and basin, to improve the sustainable management of land and water resources for food security, livelihoods and the environment. Four themes underpin this goal:

  • Ensuring access and equity to land and water resources
  • Enhancing the productivity of land and water resources
  • Improving land and water quality
  • Restoring degraded production systems to ensure the provision of goods and ecosystem services

Climate change is the main challenge accelerating water scarcity and land degradation.  The program aims to address this challenge, through projects aimed at mitigating climate impacts, and building resilience within affected systems.  

The program’s main geographic focus is South Asia (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) and southern Africa, with some presence in Southeast Asia.  The Climate program will explore options in other regions, including the Pacific. 

Research Program Manager: Dr Robyn Johnston