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Improving policies for forest plantations to balance smallholder, industry and environmental needs in Lao PDR and Vietnam

Project Code: ADP/2014/047
Program: Agribusiness
Research Program Manager: Dr. Nora Devoe
Project Leader: Rod Keenan - University of Melbourne
JAN 2016
MAR 2019
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Australian National University
Centre for Agricultural Policy
Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry
Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute
National University of Laos
Stora Enso Lao Co
University of Southern Queensland
Vietnam Academy of Forest Sciences
Vietnam Administration of Forestry


This project aimed to improve policies for forest plantation industry development in Lao PDR and Vietnam through building better linkages between commercial investment and smallholder production.

Both countries have policies to increase the area of plantations for rural livelihood, industry development and environmental benefits, but need improved policies to connect industry and smallholders, and to help forest plantations contribute to rural livelihoods, alleviate poverty, and achieve environmental objectives.

The project developed policy and institutional options for plantation development, and created a policy learning network that could build capacity in plantation sector policy analysis, development and implementation.