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Increasing the safe production, promotion and utilisation of indigenous vegetables by women in Vietnam and Australia

Project Code: AGB/2006/112
Program: Agribusiness
Research Program Manager: Mr Howard Hall
Project Leader: Suzie Newman - Department of Primary Industries
MAR 2008
SEP 2012
Project Status: Concluded
Key partners
Vietnam - Other organisations
Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Vietnam Women's Union


There is increasing demand for indigenous vegetables in Vietnam, and a significant role played by women in their production. Increasing demand also exists within Australia for products within the Asian vegetable range. The aim of this project was to improve farm income in rural areas of Vietnam by increasing the skills of women in the safe production, promotion and utilisation of indigenous vegetables. The project also analysed and quantified existing and potential market opportunities, assessed factors that may improve the competitiveness of those vegetables in the marketplace and developed supply chains that could continue to support the development of community-based indigenous vegetable production.