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Improved market engagement for sustainable upland production systems in the north-western highlands of Vietnam

Lack of market integration, inappropriate and unsustainable land management and limited ability of poor smallholders (mostly ethnic minority people) to absorb risk have resulted in continued poverty within the north-western highlands region of Vietnam. The aim of this project is to increase smallholder engagement in competitive value chains associated with two farming systems, one based around maize and the other temperate fruit. Project work will first focus on promising locations where the two farming systems are practised and there has been recent improvement in market connectivity. The research team regard such locations as having high potential for improved market engagement and resource management that would lead to the adoption of more sustainable and profitable farming systems.

The project will first identify and analyse constraints, needs and opportunities for the target groups. Subsequent activities will involve on-farm activities to introduce and evaluate improved crop management approaches and value chain development for marketing produce. Pilot trials will enable the research team to select promising methodologies that will be subsequently incorporated into government and non-government development strategies.