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Eastern Indonesia agribusiness development opportunities - analysis of maize value chains

This study is a component of the $1 million AusAID-funded project Analysing Agribusiness Development Opportunities in Eastern Indonesia (EI-ADO). Its purpose is to identify lead commodity value chains to be the focus of a new AusAID program Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation - Rural Economic Program (AIPD-Rural). The goal of AIPD-Rural is a 30 per cent increase in income for more than one million poor male and female farmers, with a focus on the Indonesian regions of NTT, NTB and East Java. The project Reference Group has identified maize as one of the lead commodities with potential to increase their incomes and livelihoods. The study, comprising a detailed characterisation and mapping of representative maize value chains, will identify the most promising maize value chain development opportunities for individual study provinces and districts.