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Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable-based farming systems in north-western Vietnam and Australia

The vegetable sector in north-western Vietnam faces a number of challenges - rapidly transforming markets, competitiveness with peri-urban producers, poor infrastructure and logistics, and environmental sustainability. The north-western region also encompasses some of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. Ethnic minorities, particularly H'mong, Tay, Nung and Thai, dominate the highlands region. A key focus area of the Government (and more particularly the Vietnam Women's Union) is to help these communities to improve their livelihoods. This study follows an earlier project, AGB/2006/112, that identified some integrated soil, water and nutrient management practices best suited to local conditions. The study team will gather background information and develop a proposal for a multi-program Agribusiness (AGB) and Soil Management Crop Nutrition (SMCN) project to enhance the profitability and sustainability of vegetable-based farming systems in north-western Vietnam.