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Improving milk supply, competitiveness and livelihoods in smallholder dairy chains in Indonesia

This project aims to increase milk supply (quantity and quality) by 25% and net-household incomes by 2020 for at least 3,000 dairy producers in West Java and North Sumatra, Indonesia.
The Government of Indonesia is investing in the nation's dairy sector, aiming to increase domestic production. Indonesia produced less than a third of its domestic demand for dairy products in 2012.
This project takes an integrated approach to both capacity building and supply chain analyses. It considers issues and relationships affecting the entire dairy chain, which includes dairy farmers, traders, dairy co-operatives (Koperasi Unit Desa / KUDs or village unit cooperatives), processors, retailers and consumers. It will also consider external factors affecting the dairy sector (e.g. incentive schemes, programs, policies, global markets). The researchers will use this whole-of-chain analytical approach to translate findings from research organisations, such as ICARD, into enhanced policy capacity and to improve dairy smallholder's livelihoods.