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Developing vegetable and fruit value chains and integrating them with community development in the southern Philippines

This project aims to improve the performance of smallholder value chains for fruit and vegetables, and build community capacity, in the southern Philippines to enhance smallholder's income, livelihoods and community well-being.
Poverty levels in the southern Philippines average 35-45% and are highest among smallholder farmers and fishermen. Fruit and vegetable production is an important economic activity in this region, but is limited by small farm size, poor adoption of technology, low productivity and product quality, and high postharvest losses.
The study integrates with several others in the region, and focuses on vegetables (eggplant, tomato, sweet pepper, ampalaya and leafy vegetables) and fruit (mango) in Eastern Visayas (Ormoc), Northern Mindanao (Claveria) and Davao (Davao, Samal Island).
2,400 smallholders and 160 wholesalers, collectors and retailers will be directly involved over four years. 3,000 members of smallholder communities will benefit from developed value chains.