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Developing a sustainable business model for upscaling the Agribusiness master class

The Agribusiness Master Class (AMC) aims to develop participant's knowledge of principles and practical analytical skills needed to apply market, consumer and value chain research methods to real-world agribusiness problems in developing countries.
An Agribusiness Master Class (AMC) was successfully piloted in Vietnam in 2014/15. Regional demand for agribusiness research skills is still growing, necessitating greater investment in capacity building initiatives such as the AMC.
After the pilot in Vietnam, this Small Research Activity will demonstrate the model's flexibility through delivering an appropriately tailored course in Myanmar and develop a sustainable business model for future AMC rollouts.
A regional partner - HELVETAS Vietnam - will implement and lead the AMC. HELVETAS, in partnership with ACIAR and the Crawford Fund, will develop and test a sponsorship/co-investment with model where agribusinesses and donors support individual participant attendance or sponsor an activity (e.g. guest speakers, networking event etc.). Systems and processes will evaluate, contextualise and refine the AMC. A second AMC in Myanmar in 2016/17 will evaluate these approaches.