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Developing a Trade Model and information network for cattle and beef trade sector of SE Asia and China

This Small Research Activity aims to develop a comprehensive Spatial Price Equilibrium (SPE) model of the regional beef industry and a set of information gathering, collation and dissemination tools to help develop the cattle and beef sector in South East Asia and China.
Cattle and beef markets and trade have developed rapidly in the region, with implications for rural development, food security, human nutrition, bio-security, trade, and the Australian industry. It is unclear how these changes will affect millions of smallholder famers and individuals who work in beef supply chains.
ACIAR and other agencies have invested in projects to develop national beef industries and to reduce the disease risks associated with trans-boundary trade. Policymakers and other stakeholders lack information to systematically assess, map and forecast scenarios for beef market and trade development, and to understand the effects and opportunities for the poor at country and regional levels.
ACIAR has supported two Small Research Activities examining regional beef markets and trade in South East Asia and China. They established a knowledge base and network, and conducted a workshop in Vietnam in December 2015. Stakeholders from nine countries including Australia are interested in ongoing and new activities.
This Small Research Activity will model the regional cattle and beef trade, and strengthen how regional and international organizations collect and share information. Once the information gathering, modelling and dissemination system is completed, a four-year project will mobilize this network to support how government, industry and development agencies analyse market and policy and make decisions, and make the sector more sustainable and inclusive.