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Evaluating options for reducing agricultural transport costs and improving market access for smallholders in South East Asia.

This project will identify how to make supply chains, infrastructure investments and regulatory changes more efficient to reduce transport costs for producers in Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.
Unreliable transport networks make getting products to market difficult. Increased demand for beef and high value food products throughout south-east Asia may not benefit small-scale producers if they can't get their products to markets quickly.
Little research has been done on the supply chain segments after food leaves the farm, or on improving market access for small landholders.
This project will study how Government and donors support farmer access to new markets. It will develop tools to evaluate the effectiveness of new infrastructure and see whether they can withstand unexpected disruption (for example, from natural disasters).
This project will adapt CSIRO's Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT), a logistic tool for agriculture, to map the transport networked across the case studies locations, identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce logistics costs to small scale farmers, and inform policy on infrastructure that promotes development.