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Brucellosis in West and East Timor

The impacts of Bovine brucellosis on the livelihoods of smallholder cattle owners of West and East Timor are profound, due to the severe reduction in reproductive efficiency of affected cows. This also impacts the overall capacity of Timor to produce cattle and increase Indonesia's and Timor Leste's self sufficiency in beef. Brucellosis is also a public health hazard.
Major issues that need to be addressed include integrated government policy and implementation at central, provincial and district levels, as well as improvements in cattle identification and movement control, diagnostics, and veterinary services knowledge and capacity.
This targeted scoping study, covering both East and West Timor, will help inform the development of a larger integrated cattle health and production program. The prospects for improved brucellosis control will be assessed and a plan for a three-country (Indonesia, Timor Leste and Australia) brucellosis control program will be developed.