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Enhancing transboundary livestock disease risk management in Lao PDR

This project will reduce the risk of transboundary animal disease to sustainably expand livestock trading in Laos and beyond.
Lao PDR is one of the poorest countries in the world; it has a high rate of rural poverty and threat of food insecurity. 80% of the population of 6.7 million work in agriculture. Rural households raise large ruminants (cattle and buffalo), small ruminants (especially goats), pigs and poultry.
Cattle and buffalo smallholders in northern Laos are gaining access to beef markets in Laos and Vietnam. This improves rural livelihoods and alleviates poverty.
The project will use forage interventions in ruminants (for targeted feeding for fattening and reproduction, as developed in previous projects) to improve animal nutrition. This will be the project 'entry point' to promote biosecurity interventions in villages. These interventions will make ruminants, pigs and poultry more productive, and so alleviate rural poverty.