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Improving dairy cattle health and production in Vietnam

This project aims to develop a network of Vietnamese nutritionists and veterinarians skilled in applying and monitoring feeding strategies for high genetic merit dairy cows.
This project supports the Government of Vietnam's imperative to rapidly expand the dairy sector, particularly by importing dairy animals from Australia.
Many dairy cows of high genetic merit, often exported from Australia, die prematurely. This threatens the livelihood of smallholder family farmers whom generous government support have attracted to Vietnam's rapidly developing dairy sector. Although infrastructure is excellent, basic husbandry is failing, likely primarily due to nutritional failures. Sub-optimal nutrition is making cows vulnerable to direct and opportunistic diseases, and causing them to die prematurely or abort their foetuses.
If cows continue to die prematurely, Australia could lose a market potentially worth $600 million between 2016 and 2020. If the problem is solved, 40,000 smallholder farm households could become less poor.
This project will develop a network of Vietnamese nutritionists and veterinarians who can apply and monitor feeding strategies to make Vietnamese dairy cattle healthier, more productive and more profitable. The project will identify cost-effective options for feed supply and feeding strategies. It will also monitor nutritional diseases that reduce the productive life of cows and the viability of the dairy sector. The project will help alleviate poverty in smallholder farming families.