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Improving watershed rehabilitation outcomes in the Philippines using a systems approach

This project aims to rehabilitate critical watersheds in the Philippines.
Substantial deforestation has occurred in many critical watersheds in the Philippines. In March 2011, the Philippine government launched the National Greening Program (NGP), which aimed to reforest 1.5 million hectares of denuded forestlands by 2016. The program has been expanded until 2028 to rehabilitate another 7.1 million hectares of degraded forest. Following the community-based forestry approach, the NGP focuses on how reforestation can benefit local communities.
The project will:
- Conduct scientific investigations to determine the success of reforestation programs in the Philippines including the current National Greening Program (NGP)
- Develop a policy assessment model to identify key intervention points to improve outcomes of watershed rehabilitation
- Design and pilot test an evidence-based community-led watershed rehabilitation program to inform policy makers and program implementers on best practice in people-based forest landscape restoration