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Seeds of Life 3

Seeds of Life (SoL) is a program within the Timor-Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) funded jointly by the Australian and Timorese Governments. SoL evolved from the recognition that a lack of good food crop varieties in Timor-Leste was constraining crop production and impinging on national food security. SoL aims to improve food security through increased productivity of major food crops.
Sol 1 (2000-2004) conducted replicated trials under research conditions on maize, cassava, sweet potato, rice and peanut. SoL2 (2005-2011) extended research activities to on-farm trials to evaluate potential new crop varieties under farm conditions. These trials also included farmer palatability and agronomic suitability tests. The third phase (SoL3) is built on the relationships and experiences resulting from SoL1 and SoL2.
SoL 3 (2011-2016) maintained a focus on research to expand the number of released varieties but also implemented a program to multiply and distribute seed both formally through a government managed system, community based seed multiplication and distribution and in collaboration with private enterprise.