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Sustainable intensification and diversification in the lowland rice system in Northwest Cambodia

This project aims to help farmers in north-western Cambodia adopt innovations to sustainably intensify the rainfed lowland rice system and to develop market links within the value chain network. This will increase income and food security for farmers and create stronger, more sustainable and resilient businesses, with diversified sources of income in 5-15 years' time.
This is ACIAR's first project in Cambodia focused on north-western lowland rice systems, and will draw on ACIAR projects in other parts of Cambodia.
Farmers find it difficult to adopt innovative crop production methods because of constraints on crop yields; unsuitable varieties of rice seed; limited access to markets for non-rice crops; and lack of knowledge, training, business and financial expertise, and infrastructure.
Nearly half a million farming families live in this project's target region, including 'small' smallholder (less than 2 hectares) and 'medium' sized (2-5 hectares) farming households. Growing an extra crop each year and producing high value crops such as vegetables could increase the average smallholder family's farming income by $2,000 a year.
The project will target at least 3,600 farmers and the agribusinesses servicing them, and increase farmers' income by at least $9 million. The project will also train women, who frequently make decisions in smallholder farm families.