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Strategic plan for ACIAR engagement in developing Indonesia?s capture fisheries research and management capacity

Capture (or wild) fisheries are a critical part of Indonesia's seafood production and fisheries livelihoods. Seafood contributes over 53% of animal protein consumed in Indonesia and demand is increasing with population growth. However, there is concern over the state of these fisheries with ongoing overfishing and overcapitalisation. The Government of Indonesia has recognised the country's limited fisheries research and management capacity. This small research and development activity has two main aims: to produce a 10-year strategic plan for research into capture fisheries; and to build the capacity of fisheries managers, policy makers and researchers in Indonesia. Activities will include reviewing past fisheries research, and past and current fisheries management practices. Consultations will also be held with relevant Australian and Indonesian agencies to identify and prioritise research and capacity building needs. Workshops will train managers and policy makers to better understand, use and direct research, and will teach researchers in stock status and assessment methods. The main output will be a 10-year research strategy for Indonesia's capture fisheries.