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Improving community-based aquaculture in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa and Vanuatu

This project aims to develop profitable aquaculture systems, focusing on tilapia, freshwater prawns and sea cucumber. These systems will improve the value of aquaculture production, nutrition and livelihoods in rural communities through better access to aquaculture technologies and management systems.
Demand for seafood is increasing in the Pacific, and developments to maintain coastal fish supplies and increase production from aquaculture are needed to keep up with this demand.
The project focusses on tilapia and freshwater prawn culture in Fiji and Vanuatu, tilapia culture in Samoa and sea cucumber (sandfish) culture in Kiribati. The project has addressed capacity constraints that hinder hatchery seed production, developed technologies to make fingerlings more accessible to farmers, and trained locals. This project will investigate how aquaculture affects household income, nutrition, and the status of women and children. It will integrate aquaculture with fisheries, and encourage better coastal fisheries management.
The expected outcomes include more fish available for consumption, and more profitable and sustainable aquaculture enterprises, contributing to improved nutrition and income generation in Pacific communities.