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Improving seaweed production and processing opportunities in Indonesia.?

This project will provide the scientific basis to transform and modernise the Indonesian seaweed industry. It will take a 'whole-of-value-chain' approach to solve production constraints and develop diverse product opportunities.
Indonesia is the world's second-largest producer of seaweeds, and seaweed culture is one of the few income-generating opportunities available to for eastern Indonesian coastal communities. Although production increases at about 30% per annum, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) statistics, the industry has problems with seaweed quality, processing procedures and use of waste streams from processing.
The project will improve product quality and create innovative seaweed-based products, thus diversifying markets for seaweed. Enhancing quality and expanding markets will reduce seaweed farmers' reliance on the commodity markets for carrageenan and agar, whose prices fluctate dramatically in response to variations in global supply. Diversification of market opportunities will benefit coastal communities, particularly in eastern Indonesia, primarily through increased and more stable incomes and revenue streams.